Colloquium 2017 Sat Gala Dinner

Colloquium 2017 Sat Gala Dinner

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AMSAT-UK Colloquium 2017 - Saturday Gala Dinner


This year the AMSAT Colloquium is combined with the RSGB Convention on 13/14 October at the Kent Hills Conference Centre in Milton Keynes. If you wish to attend the 2107 AMSAT Colloquium, you should book to attend the RSGB Convention. You can do so at

BUT BEFORE YOU BOOK you might like to consider attending the AMSAT-UK Gala dinner on the Saturday evening as an alternative to the RSGB Convention dinner. The AMSAT dinner will be held at the Hilton Hotel, which is about 1Km from the Kent Hills Conference Centre; a taxi ride is about £3 per cab. Detailed times will follow, but it will follow similar lines to AMSAT GALA dinners in previous years. There are normally a few speeches, trophy presentations etc etc. If you wish to attend the dinner you MUST book this in advance. Dinner Jackets or suits definitely NOT required. We need to tell the hotel some days in advance how many to expect, so this item will close about 14 days before the Colloquium. 

The dinner will be a three course affair, and the cost above does not include drinks which will be available from the hotel bar.

We understand that the RSGB dinner on Sat evening has a theme of HF, plus a speaker speaking on this topic.

Note that when you book on the RSGB web site (link above) you should use the Pick and Mix option to avoid paying for their dinner!

Please add any special dietary or other special needs in the comments box after the page in which you type in your credit card number. Thanks.

While you are booking the dinner, why not order an AMSAT-UK badge to wear at the Colloquium? See Its only a fiver!

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